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Quick Tongue-Tie Assessment

Check the symptoms below to see if you or a loved one may have a tongue tie


* Painful Nursing/Shallow Latch

* Difficulty with Bottle Feeding

* Reflux/Spitting Up

* Clicking Noise When Eating

*Slow or Poor Weight Gain

* Gassiness or Fussiness

* Milk Leaking Out of Mouth When Eating

Children and Adults

* Communication or Speech Issues

* Speech Delay

* Slow Eater/Hard Time Finishing Meals

* Picky Eater

* Choking/Gagging When Eating

* Packing Food In Cheeks

* Snoring

* Sleeping With Mouth Open

* Grinding Teeth at Night

* Headaches or Neck Pain

* Enlarged Tonsils or Adenoids

* Hyperactivity 

* Recurrent Ear Infections

* History of Sinus or Respiratory Infections

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